Cadet Instructors Cadre Course Badge (Per 10)

By Ammo & Company
Regulation Cadet Instructors Cadre course embroidered badge. The Junior Cadet Instructor Cadre It is designed to teach the cadet how to instruct new entrants and 1-Star cadets in drill, turnout and military knowledge; map and compass;  skill-at-arms and fieldcraft. The Senior Cadet Instructor Cadre To qualify for the SCIC you must have sound knowledge of all subjects up to and including 3-Star level and you must have proved, by your performance on the Junior Cadet Instructor Cadre, that you are a potential instructor.
  • Size  30mm by 20mm
  • The Cadet Instructors Cadre badge is made up of white embroidery on a scarlet backing
  • Sold in packs of 10

Legacy Code: CKS10574