Highlander Camouflage Wrap - Non-Adhesive Tape

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When you need to camouflage your gear you need self-clinging, reusable Highlander Camo Wrap.

Perfect for gear that may catch the sun or stand out in a tactical situation this camo wrap is easily applicable.

Whether it is on a weapon, torch or helmet the wrap easily rolls out, clings on and covers your gear.

It is reusable unlike some adhesive tapes, so it can be removed from one item and affixed to another.

It also adds an extra layer of protection for your valuable items if dropped or potentially damaged in transit and can improve grip in wet conditions.

Designed in HMTC Camo the Highlander Camo Wrap will combine neatly with Multicam and British MTP Camo.

  • Re-usable camo wrap
  • 5cm wide x 4.5m long
  • Highlander HMTC Multicam Camouflage