Highlander Hexi Solid Fuel Cooker

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Quick and easy to use, the Highlander Solid Fuel Cooker has been designed to make outdoor cooking simple.

Made from durable steel to stand up to the demands of being packed and carried when you’re out and about, it offers a versatile two-position opening to fit your cooking pans.

The cooker weighs just 190g, and this neat stove can be folded into a compact pack, making it easily portable.

Pop it into your bag when you are camping, travelling or hiking and you want to keep the weight you have to carry to a minimum or need to maximise space.

When you’re ready for your fire, you simply need to unfold the stove, select the right size opening to fit your pan and light the fuel tablet.

It comes complete with 12 Hexamine solid fuel tablets, which light easily with a match and are odour-free.

  • 12 fuel tablets included
  • Easy to use
  • Unfold, light the fuel tablet & start cooking
  • Fuel Type: Hexamine solid fuel tablets
  • Materials: Black painted steel
  • Weight: 0.19kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Sizes: 3 x 12 x 9cm