Nikwax for Leather Proof

The Nikwax waterproofing cream for leather is a brilliant waterproofing wax that can be used on both wet or dry leather. Once applied, the items treated can be used immediately without waiting for the wax to dry.
  • Capacity: 60ml
  • Soft wax paste
  • Formulation is free of solvent and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound)
  • Safe for you and the environment 
  • Works immediately after treatment no need to wait for gear to dry 
  • Will not over-soften leather 
  • Water based formulation can be used on wet or dry leather 
  • Prolongs the life of leather 
  • Supplied with a convenient application sponge or can be rubbed in using fingers.

Legacy Code: CKS13399

This is a wax/cream for smooth leather that adds water repellency and maintains the breathability and suppleness of the leather. Easy to apply: either sponge on with the applicator or rub in with a cloth or fingers.