Colonel Jules Facer, Colonel Army Air Corps

Official Army Air Corps store

The Army Air Corps is delighted to venture into a partnership with Ammo and Co. This bespoke online store serves two purposes. Members of the serving and veteran communities have access to high quality, good value items. The use of this site benefits all the Army Air Corps family, as a percentage of sales will be placed directly back into the Corps Charity, assisting with support to Corps activity, including sport and adventure training, and vital engagement with our veterans.



AAC Store is the Official Store for the Army Air Corps

Official Army Air Corps Shop

Corps men and women are issued with a considerable amount of kit by the army when they join, but they also want and need additional accessories that Army Air Corps Store can now provide. AAC Store is responsive, cost effective and understands what the Corps require, be it combat clothing, sports kit, headdress, swords, books and paintings. The company & website complies with MOD guidance when trading with our cap badge, unlike some others and there is a profit share arrangement in place that returns money to the Army Air Corps Charity (1184333)